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 Hi! My name is Yanah, (which means "Dove" in Hebrew.)  I'm married to a Norwegian stud named Lars and we have seven children, yep...I said 7!!!  I told you he was a stud!

Some more very random things about me...

* I was born and raised in Hawaii

*I just moved to the Pacific Northwest-Vancouver to be exact

* Good wine/beer/coffee are a must

*Greek Food...yes please

*I have a BA in Speech Communications

* Elevators make me feel uncomfortable

*My three favorite artists are Norman Rockwell, Mary Casset and VanGough

* I think hanging laundry outside, on a line is VERY therapeutic

* I love to read...real books with paper

(and I like the smell of books)

* I enjoy my re-bounder and going on walks

* I use essential oils, drink Kombucha and take probiotics

* Yes, I'm a health nut

* I love "National Lampoons Vacation," "Guardians of the Galaxy" & "The Princess Bride"  

* I feel life is short...SAY WHAT YOU MEAN!

* I suffer through small talk and "ice breaking" games

*I don't iron clothes-I put them on and hope for body heat to resolve the issue

*I adore children, they are so truthful 


Thank you so much for reading about me.  I look forward to getting to know you soon.